Is Your PC Ready for 2019’s Wedding Photography Trends?

UK wedding photographers are about to get a whole lot busier as the peak 2019 wedding season gets underway in the next few weeks.

Have drawn-out uploads and slow processing power been draining your time, making your job a lot harder and more time-consuming? If so, it may be time to invest in a new photography PC and going for a custom-built computer enables you to get exactly what you need from your machine, so you can do your job quicker, and to the best of your ability.

Wedding photography trends are changing all the time, so what will your PC need to be able to cope with this year?

2019 Wedding Trends: Photo Editing Challenges

Deep purples are tipped as one of this year’s most popular wedding colour schemes, marking a move away from softer pastel shades. This means the lighting requirements of wedding party photos may need to be different, as well as the editing afterwards, to make sure those gorgeous colours can still be seen.

Backlit photos are also set to be a big trend in 2019, as are outdoor weddings illuminated by fairy lights or flickering lanterns, which will all present their own photography and editing challenges.

Even wedding cakes may need shooting and lighting differently this year, as ‘naked’ wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular, while flower wall backgrounds – a huge trend on Instagram – come with lighting and editing challenges of their own.

Unplugged Ceremonies: More Work for Photographers

With social media now dominating virtually every moment of our lives, it’s understandable that a growing number of couples want to ban smartphones from their big day.

However, they still want the same amount of great quality images to choose from, which means you may need to take more photos than usual, as no one will be snapping those little moments with their smartphones.

The rise in unplugged ceremonies could mean more work for wedding photographers and it’ll mean you need a PC that’s able to handle a high volume of uploads and edits as a result.

Aerial and Drone Wedding Photography on the Up

Aerial photography using drones is becoming more popular at all kinds of occasions, and it’s a great option for capturing shots of a wedding party from a different, slightly more quirky angle.

Drone photography is more popular than ever, but it requires a different style of editing to what many wedding photographers will be used to, so you need to make sure your PC has enough storage capacity for the very best editing software.

The Rise of the Extra Shoot(s)

It’s not just the wedding that couples want photographed these days, but everything from the proposal to the engagement party and even brunch the morning after the wedding.

Using the same photographer for each shoot is the ideal opportunity for couples to get used to their style, the poses that suit them and the editing styles they like, which again means more images to be uploaded, processed and edited, adding to the case for a custom photography PC with a high level of processing power.

Couples Preferring a More Candid Feel

More candid, relaxed, fly-on-the-wall, documentary-style wedding photography is growing in popularity too, as more couples want to preserve all the little moments of their big day forever.

Whether that’s each party getting ready or the first glimpse of each other during the walk down the aisle, this style of photography is a brilliant way to document all the little details that the happy couple might miss amid the whirlwind of their big day.

Constantly snapping throughout the day is the best way to capture those candid, caught-off-guard images, again meaning more processing power and editing work will be required, and therefore a PC that can handle this.

More Photography Options, More Editing Needed

While some couples are opting for unplugged ceremonies, others want everyone to snap as much as possible, providing their guests with disposable cameras, film cameras, smartphones and photo booths to help preserve as much of their special day as possible.

This can be how some of the best images are captured, but it can mean they are of hugely different quality to the professionally taken photos, so this could also see photographers having to do extra editing work and invest in a photography PC that can handle this.

Best Photo Editing PCs for Wedding Photographers

With its fantastic set-up of three storage drives, making it perfectly optimised for Adobe Lightroom, the Performance Photography Computer available from Punch is ideal for professional wedding photographers.

This computer’s spec allows you to quickly process new images and send initial proofs back to the client promptly, making your job faster and easier, and keeping the newlyweds happy.

If you’re looking for a specialist PC for photography, explore the range available from Punch here.

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