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Punch Technology’s  founders have been building PCs since before the world wide web went public, and have previously grown and sold a successful UK PC brand. The possibilities of new parts, capabilities, and code have fuelled our careers as well as imaginations, and it now fuels Punch. Designed, assembled and supported in the UK, we are close enough to know the details but global enough to see what’s coming.

Design – begin with an end in mind

For us design is about beginning with an end in mind. Focusing on who is going to use it, when and for what. Asking how long will they use it, where, and how will it be stored. And answering the question,” what happens when its useful life is over”? Without this you get a fix not a solution, something that works in the moment you first require it, but is full of compromises over its lifetime. At Punch we look to work on design challenges that don’t normally get pioneered in the UK, and take advantage of our manufacturing experience and crowdfunding to drive genuine innovation. 

Performance – is about dedication

Performance is all about dedication; it’s about choosing a focus and dedicating resource to excelling. It’s about dedicating your thought, time and effort to developing the skills you need. All our performance systems are focused around particular tasks such as concurrently gaming, streaming and recording, or Virtual Reality game play. Dedicating the hardware to particular tasks allows you to focus your budget down on the areas where the performance will make the most difference to you.

Productivity – is achieved through mastery

Until you really know what you are doing, you will never be as productive as you could be. That is why we make computers that are easy to understand, have no unnecessary software, and can be adapted by you, for your changing needs, as you go. Our productivity PCs are easy to master, great value, simple and will keep you productive across their life time. Their job is to smooth the way, not get in it.

Sion Roberts

Co-Founder and Technical Director at Punch Technology Ltd

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David Quick

Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Punch Technology Ltd

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Dave Ayling

Co-Founder and Operations Director at Punch Technology Ltd

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