Punch Technology build SimBin Studios UK a new custom PC platform for Racing Game GTR3

*Updated with system specifications*

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Press release

Updated Oct 24th

Punch Technology have been awarded the supply of Custom PCs to SimBin Studios UK the developers of Racing Game GTR 3. With offices in the heart of Manchester and Liverpool, putting them at the center of the North West Game Development zone, SimBin are well placed to drive the next generation racing game experience. With the goal of radically updating gameplay, implementing ultra-realistic effects and developing PC and console platform compatibility, the SimBin team faces significant workflow issues. Working with Punch Technology to develop a custom gaming development PC that delivers not only all settings on gameplay, but rendering and compiling capabilities that gives SimBin the ability push ambitious development times. Allan Speed, SimBinUK studio head and industry veteran said:

The SimBin GTR 3 story

Learn about the development of GTR 3 on the Unreal 4 engine and the ambitions for this release of SimBin founders Allan and Chris Speed.

“We had a good idea what we wanted from the systems, but working with Punch Technology they developed the specification to give us some results we were not expecting. A workload that was taking a whole day on the previous PC platform is now only taking 4 hours on the Punch machines.”

Looking at the challenges Sion Roberts, Punch Technology Technical Director has this view:

“By the time you have created the content, rendered, compiled and played the game in VR you have pushed the limits of all aspects of a PC. The key was not only star-performing components such as an Intel Core i7-7700K or the NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB, but also eliminating bottlenecks across the system with the right motherboard, memory and storage configurations.”

SimBin Studios UK and Punch Technology will continue to develop racing game experiences, focusing on realism and total immersion. See our Developer Editon and Race Edition of the SimBin Unreal Engine 4 development specification:

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