How Punch Technology provides custom solutions for specialist security systems.

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Case Study

From standard CCTV cameras to swimming pool safety, electronic security systems are a necessary part of keeping organisations across a range of industries safe. For many years, we have supplied hardware to companies who are involved in deploying a wide range of security systems to a variety of organisations including CCTV, physical barriers, alarms and much more. Many organisations rely on these systems to maintain control of their premises, even when staff are not present.


However, due to the demanding nature of some security systems, it was essential for our customers to have reliable hardware that could consistently run these systems without interruptions. For instance, systems such as access barriers in gyms are often required to operate 24/7 which can place a significant strain on the computer systems that power them. Our customers required PCs with powerful processing capabilities and efficient cooling to prevent costly system interruptions.


After a brief consultation with our customers, we began to understand the difficulties that security system hardware often faces. The most significant challenge that we identified was the continuous, 24/7 operation of the security systems. For instance, wear and tear on the components can become exaggerated, which in turn affects the longevity of the PCs and systems can experience overheating which can result in performance drops, instability, and component damage. Additionally, SSDs only have a limited number of write cycles meaning constant overwriting will affect the durability of the storage. If we failed to consider the challenges that these systems face, customers could experience significant disruptions to the functionality and reliability of their systems, as well as facing increased operating costs.


Firstly, we speak directly with our customers to understand their projects and what they will be needing the hardware for. Then we collaborate to design specialised solutions tailored to the customers’ requirements, whilst remaining as cost-effective as possible. To ensure the PCs can run for hours without significant wear and tear, we incorporate high quality components to increase the longevity of the systems. To ensure adequate thermal management we configured the systems with a sufficient number of powerful fans to maintain optimum temperatures. As the CCTV cameras operate 24/7 and are constantly writing to SSDs, we sourced industrial grade SSDs that could overcome this limitation. Additionally, for systems powering CCTV applications, the cameras are often connected to a separate network loop, so we made sure to equip the systems with extra network ports.


Our customers now have powerful, reliable computers that can run their security systems without interruptions, significantly reducing the cost of replacement hardware and technical support charge-outs. They now have the confidence that their facilities are safe at all times, even when no staff are present.


Our systems are used to power unique security and safety solutions, that are used to keep businesses and individuals safe across multiple industries. One of our recent orders fulfilled a batch of AI safety systems that monitor swimming pool safety. These specialised systems connect standard CCTV to specialist AI software systems to monitor and prevent incidents and speed up lifeguard response. This specialised software can track and analyse multiple swimmers at once and even send direct notifications to lifeguard watches to alert them to an incident. In addition, these systems can collect pool usage data to power predictive analytics for better future decision making.


As these systems rely on specialist AI technology, it was important that we supplied high-performance PCs that could support the demanding software. We configured the systems with the powerful AMD Threadripper processors paired with ultra-powerful 4090 graphics cards and sufficient RAM and Storage.


We supplied robust hardware solutions to address the ongoing security challenges faced by systems that operate around the clock. Our reliable PCs gave customers the assurance that their premises are secure even in their absence. Through close collaboration, we tailored custom solutions to meet their unique needs, delivering them promptly.


If you would like to learn more about how we can provide your business with reliable and unique complete solutions, visit the business solutions page on our website, or request a managed account today.