You might be an Ebuyer customer, but how “Ebuyer” are you?

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In celebration of Punch Technology going live on this week, we decided to get to know you personally. The YouGov profile of Ebuyer customers tells us how you live your lives on average, but do you really share your quirks and tastes with your Ebuyer brothers and sisters?

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What was the YouGov Typical Ebuyer customer profile?

Well if you were a completely typical Ebuyer customer according to the YouGov profile then you would be:

  • Male
  • 40 -54
  • With a leaning towards being Conservative
  • You would work in Information Technology, Engineering or Consulting
  • You eat lots of Chinese, Onion Rings and Steak
  • You like motorsports, cricket and video games
  • You watch Danger Mouse, Newswipe, Peep Show, Question Time and Spitting Image
  • You are a classic heavy metal fan and like a bit of electronica.
  • Celebrities you like include James May, Rory Bremner, Andy Hamilton, Clive Anderson, Ian Hislop, Brian Cox, Suzi Perry and Grant Shapps.

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