Are you a typical PC Gamer? Do you like Fat Bottom Girl? Are you a competitive dog groomer? See what you have in common with our latest profile.

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The Punch Technology marketing team get profiles from consumer surveys to see what customers look like. So how much of a typical PC Gamer are you versus our latest YouGov data? Play it as a game or see the profile.

What gender are you?

20th Century Fox

Do you have any other hobbies?

What kind of work do you do?


What's your favourite cheese?

Got any pets?

What make is your car?


What's your clothing brand?

Where do you go shopping?


Favourite band

Are you a typical gamer?
Congratulations, you are a PC Gamer through and through.

You are a member of a band of brothers, now stop playing ego stroking quizzes and get back in there, your squad needs you!
You could not be typical if you tried, they broke the mould with you.

Lets face it, you are far too good looking and talented to be a typical PC Gamer anyway.

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What was the Typical PC Gamer profile?

Well if you were a completely typical PC Gamer according to the profile then you would be:


  • Male
  • 18 -24
  • With a leaning towards being Conservative
  • You would work in the Military and Defence, Engineering or Energy and Utilities
  • You eat lots of Chicken Curry and Pancakes
  • You play Chess, enjoy computer programming, motorsports, movies and playing board games
  • You own a cat
  • You drive a Honda
  • You are a customer of Skype, Samsung, YouTube, Firefox, Chrome, HTC, BBC, Twitter, Android and Cathedral City (Cheese).
  • You watch Jurassic Park, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, The Hobbit and The Matrix
  • You love standup comedy
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